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Ration Formula Express for poultryV2.6
RFE is a least cost feed formulation program which is concerning with poultry nutrition using the operation research techniques to formulate the least cost ration depending on requirements of breed and prices of ingredients which is entered by the user.
Key Features:
1-Most modern system in the industry.
2-Friendly user interface.
3-Optimized database access.
4-Double languages " Arabic, English"
5-Backup and restore data.
6-Simple search way.
7-RFE contains feed composition according to NRC 1994.
8-RFE contains requirements of the most international breeds as "Hubbard, Ross, Hy-line, Lohman, and others.
9-Distinguished by fully descriptive Help documents.
10-Priority & Priority of value.
11-Shadow price.
12-Price Manager.
13-Round screen.
14-Decision Sheet & Decision Graph:
These modules enable the user to make a comparison between different rations acc. to the nutrients analysis in the shape of sheet and graph.
15-Manual Ration:
This module enables the user to enter the quantities of feedstuff and then program show nutrients analysis of this formula.
-Displaying ration formula ingredients and its quantities.
-Displaying the nutrients analysis of the ration formula.
-Displaying the ration formula ingredients,the nutrients constraints and nutrients requirements.
-Displaying the chemical analysis of the Ration formula ingredients.
-Displaying up to 13 user defined ration formulas and its nutrient analysis.
-Displaying all the Library ingredients and its chemical analysis.
1-Evaluation Eddition.
2-Standard Eddition.
3-Professional Eddition.
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Minimum system requirements
-Intel Pentium 166 MHz or higher (P2 400 MHz recommended).
-Microsoft Windows 98, Windows Millennium (Me), Windows 2000,or later version of the Microsoft Windows operating system .
-128 Mb RAM (256 Mb recommended).
-30 Mb hard disk space.
-CD-ROM drive.
-VGA or higher resolution monitor.
-Mouse or other pointing device.