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About Us

  • Who We Are ?

VetSoft was born on June 12, 2003; a day that lives in history because, from then on, the way of managing Animal and Poultry production changed forever. VetSoft is unique and the first company specialized in developing Enterprise and Business software applications for the Animal and Poultry production in Egypt and the Middle East, and this is our challenge.

Our task is using, professionally, the highest worldwide software development technology in the Animal and Poultry production allover the world.

We face huge challenges. The territory was new, the terrain yet to be mapped. So we were starting from ground zero. But we were also starting with the determination, dedication and exuberance of youth. For our customers only the best would do, for our employees we wanted the professional working environment and for our shareholders we had to offer unprecedented returns. So the success goes on and your trust is in increase and the number of customers is in continuing increase.


Our Vision:

We do our best to be the first company in the Middle East and Africa in developing Enterprise and Business applications especially for Animal and Poultry production.

Spreading complete awareness for the Egyptian and Arabian society by using the highest Technology in the Animal and Poultry production field.

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