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Frequently Asked Questions ..!

  • What is Feedo®?

Feedo® is a feed formulation software based on cost-saving keeping in mind best nutritional content. It enables animal / bird practitioners to design feeds for their species which maximizes nutritional content at the same time controls costs in order to maximize profits.

  • Who is VetSoft®?

VetSoft® corporation is considered as the first company in the Middle East that is concerned with the feed, poultry, and livestock softwares. It gives solutions to a wide variety of animal / bird practitioners.


  • What is meant by a least-cost feed formulation?

Least-cost feed formulation is an important problem of profit maximization problems.

The practice of least-cost feed formulation consists of combining many feed ingredients in certain proportions to provide the animal / bird with a balanced nutritional feed at the least possible cost. So, it requires the professional knowledge of animal / bird nutritionists who take into consideration the nutrient requirements of the target animal / bird and its capability to digest and assimilate nutrients from various available ingredients.

Nutritionists also need to be aware of the variations of nutritional requirements for different species at various ages of their lifespan. It is important to keep in mind that Feedo® runs on data that has been entered into it by the user. The final feed formula will only be as accurate as the initial information that was enetered by the user.

  • How can I download Feedo® to my computer?

First, you must register a free account or login with your e-mail and password if you have one.
Then, you can download your Feedo® edition through our downloads page.


  • How can I install Feedo® on my computer?

You can find the installation instructions for your Feedo® edition in our How To Install Feedo® page.


  • What are the limitations of the Trial version of Feedo®?

You will find comparison among the different editions of Feedo® in the Product Comparison page.



  • How many computers can I use Feedo® on them?

Feedo®'s software license grants you the rights to install and activate Feedo® on two computers as maximum (your PC and a laptop for outdoor work). To activate the software, please contact VetSoft® through one of the contact ways found in the Contact Us page.


  • Do you offer technical support for Feedo® software?

Yes. For more information go to the Technical Support page.


  • Do you offer training for Feedo® software?

Yes. VetSoft® Corporation recognizes that some clients may be in need of a customized level of support. For those clients, VetSoft® offers Custom Online Live Training and Individualized On-site Training to meet our clients needs.

  1. Custom Online Live Training:

VetSoft® Corporation offers a comprehensive training and learning session for Feedo® that enable individuals and organizations to receive the training they need efficiently through online video conferencing.

    2. Individualized On-site Training:

VetSoft® offers a training session in the customer's site to train a group of users together and to quickly learn Feedo®. During this session, VetSoft® will show you how to best take advantage of Feedo®’s capabilities.

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