Financial Solutions

A brief look at our customized and integrated Financial Solutions for Poultry Management and Feed Mills.

Purchase cycle

Allows you to make purchase orders and create bills for them.

Asset and depreciation account management

Acquire different assets and post depreciation records for them, including automatically.

Exporting trial balances

Export trial balances for your business to review all accounts at end of period.

Recording cost centers

Cost centers are integrated with the general ledger.

Sales cycle

Allows you to make sale orders and create bills for them.

Recording journal entries and posting to general ledger

All transactions are posted to the general ledger as journal entries.


Record stocktaking for inventories.

Financial statements

Export and view balance sheets, income statements and cash flows.

Cash boxes

Through our integrated cash box system, you can collect receivables or pay liabilities.

Exporting supplier and customer accounts

Print supplier and customer balances, as well as export to PDF.


Automatically record costs such as cost of goods sold when making a sale.


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